Health Insurance Reform Summary

The new health insurance reform summary started to go in to effect this past September 23, 2010. It was an historical day in the United States and although it is a long road before all of the necessary reforms become active, the beginning steps were insurance reform summary

As of the new health insurance reform summary, children are now covered with insurance despite ANY pre-existing medical condition (such as Asthma or Diabetes). No insurance company is allowed to cancel or deny coverage.

Also, children are able to be covered under their parent’s health plans until the age of twenty-six. Some states are allowing the reform to extend to ages twenty-eight or twenty-nine. It’s worth an inquiry. In the above box, one is able to type in a zip code for local assistance with insurance questions.

Some insurance companies used to presume one was fraudulent without concrete evidence and would therefore cancel medical coverage. Now, one is able to appeal an insurance company’s accusations within a thirty- day period. There is now fair warning to fight for one’s rights.

Lifetime caps are extended from one million dollars to two million dollars. Of course, most Americans will not even reach the original cap but it’s terrific knowing that those who do will be protected with a higher cap.

There will be free preventative care covered under the new health insurance reform summary such as breast cancer screenings or cholesterol testing. Current plans do not have this clause written in to their plans however.

Emergency rooms are considered “in network” even if the closest one during an emergency is not. This is huge because this saves many lives of those who were taken further away for immediate care and it saves money on those who went closer for care but had not the time to consider financial ramifications of doing so.

Finally, under the new health insurance reform summary, patients are allowed to choose his or her general practitioner. It’s covered. And any person in need of a referral for an OB/GYN physician does not need one any longer.

The above are just the beginning and were the result of last March’s decision to overhaul what was so commonplace in the healthcare industry in the United States of America. Republicans and Democratic party-members might not agree on everything in the new health insurance reform summary but a lot of the changes do help millions of Americans. For the sake of wellness and health in the country, the first reforms made public are a positive step towards a healthier American society. Children will not be forgotten and neither will those in a lower income bracket. Women will be able to have her mammograms and men will be checked regularly for prostate cancer. Between our children’s care and preventive measures in all member plans, there is no doubt that people will live a longer and healthier life without the financial burdens previously placed through health insurance protocol. It’s a positive step and viewed across the world as admirable and humane.

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