How Is Obamas Health Care Reform Going To Effect Health Insurance In America?

One of Barrack Obama’s main goals during his tenure as the President of the United States has been to reform healthcare. When there were huge problems elsewhere, he decided that it would be best to focus his attention on the issue of health care in America. Whether or not that was a good idea will depend on your political views, but you have to give Obama credit for sticking to his guns. But, based on the work he and his administration have done, what can we expect to change?

Better Coverage

First, the amount of coverage that each policy holder gets per dollar spent in premiums should be increasing. In the past, a very small percentage of what you paid in premiums actually went to covering health care costs. But, the new administration has proposed a specific percentage of your premiums to be directly spent on health care. Other things like increasing the age at which dependents are cut off from their parent’s coverage are also on the horizon.

More Transparency

Let’s be honest for a minute – insurance companies have never been accused of being transparent or overly honest in the past. That’s just the way the industry is. But, that is supposed to change. In the past, if you actually saw the kinds of decisions that were made behind closed doors at some of the biggest health insurance companies in the United States, your head would spin. Can you imagine making the decision to cut someone’s insurance coverage off because they got terminally ill? These are the kinds of practices that health care reform is trying to get rid of.

Better Availability

Lastly, health insurance is going to be available to more people, especially people that have lower incomes. There are over 45 million people in the United States that don’t have any form of health care at the present time, and that is somewhat unacceptable. This will hopefully change in the future. There should be more affordable options so that everyone who wants to have health insurance will have the opportunity to sign up for a policy.

So, considering all of the above factors, what is health care reform actually going to do to health insurance rates? To be honest, no one really knows. Common sense dictates that most health insurance rates will stay the same, or even go up slightly, as time goes on. This is contrary to what the goal of the current administration is, but most people think that the current plan is rather unrealistic and will cause more problems than it will solve. What is the solution? Easy! Before any of these potential changes start happening, get some health insurance quotes and sign up for a health insurance plan as soon as possible. The earlier you get a rate locked in, the safer you will be! Enter your zip code in the short form above, click submit, and you will have a few great options to sign up for a quality health care plan today!

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