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Is a Drug Test Required before Getting Health Insurance?

There are numerous ways in which substance use can negatively impact your life. Some of the biggest repercussions of drug use include the negative effects it can have on your health, well-being, relationships, finances, and employment. However, there’s another way

What Happens to My Health Insurance if I Start Smoking After Purchasing a Policy as a Non-Smoker?

When you signed up for your health insurance, your provider asked you a litany of questions. The answers to those questions helped your provider determine what kind of risk you are. The higher the risk, the higher your deductible will

How do Deductibles Work if I Have Two Health Insurance Plans?

When it comes to health insurance, policy holders have two primary concerns: The type of benefits their policy provides How much their deductibles will cost Of course, you want the best coverage you can get, but you also want to

My Spouse Just Died and I was on His/Her Group Health Plan. What are My Options for Health Insurance Coverage?

Most people don’t like to think about the mortality of their spouses. A lot of married couples just assume that they are going to live long, happy lives together and pass away at roughly the same time. In a dream

What is the Birthday Rule in Regards to Health Insurance?

If you and your spouse or domestic partner carry employer-sponsored health insurance and you have children, you can sign your child or children up under both plans. However, while it is certainly a wonderful thing to have your offspring covered

Can I Add my Girlfriend or Boyfriend to My Health Insurance?

Today, finding health insurance coverage can seem like a grueling process. While many employers do still offer policies that provide adequate coverage, the cost for such coverage has become astronomical. As a result, many people are investigating non-traditional approaches to

Can A Spouse Be Dropped From Health Insurance If They Are Still Married?

When you got married, you and your spouse intended on staying together forever; but, like so many married couples, as you’ve settled into marriage, you may have discovered that your ideas of happily ever after weren’t coming true. If you

Does McDonald’s Offer Health Insurance to Its Employees?

To maintain your overall health and well-being in the United States, health insurance is a must. Most US residents obtain coverage through their employer, as it is usually more economical than purchasing a policy through their state’s Individual Marketplace. Fortunately,

Am I Able to Add My Brother’s or Sister’s Health Insurance Plan?

Health insurance is vital for your overall health and well-being. Without coverage, the cost of preventative and emergency healthcare can be exorbitant. If you have insurance coverage, however, the cost of healthcare can be significantly less expensive. But not everyone

Can You Drop Your Employer-Sponsored Health Plan?

Most people are thrilled at the prospect of acquiring employment that offers health benefits. It means that you have insurance coverage, and in the United States, health insurance is an absolute necessity. But not everyone is happy with the health