Is It Cheaper To Get Health Insurance Through Your Employer?

More and more employers are starting to offer group health insurance to their employees. They see it as a way to keep employees happy and somewhat safe. But, the truth is, these plans are often lackluster at best. Sure, sometimes it may be cheaper than signing up for your own health insurance plan, but is it really a good idea? The general consensus is no, it’s not. Here are some of the main reasons as to why it is beneficial to get your own health insurance quotes and sign up for your own health insurance plan.

Better Coverage

It is no secret that businesses try to cut corners and save as much money as possible. One area where this is very visible is in employee health care plans. Let’s be honest – your employer doesn’t really care about you, they care about the bottom line. They want to offer health insurance for the cheapest amount possible, and the level of coverage shows it. If you actually take the time to read through one of the plans that your employer offers, you will see that it offers almost no coverage for the things you need most. There is almost no reason for you to sign up for one of these plans…

More Customization

When you sign up for your own health insurance policy, you can customize the plan to suit your specific needs. When you get health insurance through your employer, the plan is designed for the general employee population, and not for one specific person. There is a good chance that your needs will be different than the needs of your coworkers, so why would you all sign up for the same plan? When you sign up for your own health insurance plan, everything is tailored to your specific needs, and things you have no use for will not be included in the plan.

More Control

Finally, when you have your own health insurance plan, you are in total control. You can change things around, you can opt out of certain features, and you can discontinue your plan if you wish. Your opinion matters, and you can do whatever you want. You are not just along for the ride. In this situation, the majority doesn’t rule – you do!

While it may be cheaper in the short run to use the health insurance plan your employer provides, it is not a very good idea. Unless your employer is one of the few companies that actually provide reliable and adequate health insurance, it is much better to try and opt out of that plan and get your own health insurance coverage. If you input your zip code into the form above and click the submit button, you will see just how cheap a high quality health insurance plan can be. You can even sign up for your plan on the Internet, right from the comfort of your home! Get started today…

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