What Type of Health Insurance Covers Surgery?

Few things can send a jolt through your system faster than hearing that you’re going to need surgery. The thought of lying unconscious on an operating room table while surgeons and doctors perform their magic is unsettling to most, but for some, this is an inevitable reality that they must face at some point in their lives.

After the initial fears are over, the financial realities set in: how much is this surgery going to cost, how much will my insurance pick up, and more. Let’s take a look at health insurance coverage for surgery, which is a specific type of plan that provides help with the high costs of having an operation.

What Does Health Insurance Coverage for Surgery Include?

health insurance covers surgeryThe types and scale of procedures that are allowed under the typical health insurance coverage for surgery policy vary between insurance providers. All will guarantee that the majority of costs for surgeries that are medically necessary will be covered, as that’s the industry standard. The differences tend to lie in the supplemental costs, such as pre-operative and post-operative tests, lengthy hospital stays after the surgery, recovery room costs, anesthesia, doctors and nurses who are assisting the surgery, and more. As there are many variables to each surgical procedure, it’s extremely important to read through all of the fine print and details in your health insurance coverage for surgery plan.

One thing that health insurance coverage for surgery is unlikely to cover is any form of cosmetic surgery, such as nose jobs, mole removal, breast implants, breast reductions, and even Lasik eye surgery. Unless the surgery is to correct some form of breathing problem or another issue which is impacting your health, the insurance company probably isn’t going to allow a claim.

Why Should I Get Health Insurance Coverage for Surgery?

There are two great reasons to consider picking up supplemental health insurance coverage for surgery. First, if you’re the type of individual that only has health insurance through a high deductible plan you’re going to want to have some form of health insurance coverage for surgery to ensure that you’re not paying massive amounts in deductibles if you should need some form of operation. Many different types of health insurance leave the client exposed should they need surgery; the huge bills that come with hospital admission and lengthy stays are simply passed on down as coverage only extends to certain situations. Picking up dedicated health insurance coverage for surgery will ensure that there’s never a massive bill waiting after a necessary surgical procedure.

The second reason to purchase health insurance coverage for surgery is as a supplement to existing health, personal injury or travel insurance. For instance, perhaps your automobile insurance covers personal injury but doesn’t provide any coverage towards surgery – even if the other party is found to be at fault for causing the accident. Having health insurance coverage for surgery removes any worry that your auto insurance provider might leave you hanging if you’re in a serious accident. This can be very handy for those that live in high-risk driving areas. Also, for those that travel throughout the world on a regular basis, it’s important to have emergency surgery coverage to avoid any delays. If your travel insurance plan doesn’t already cover this, it’s a great investment to pick up health insurance coverage for surgery.

Health Insurance Coverage for Surgery and the Emergency Room

One of the more important aspects that is typically overlooked when thinking about health insurance coverage for surgery is emergency room coverage. A high percentage of the surgical procedures performed in any given day around the country are emergency procedures due to accidents or other health crises. Having health insurance coverage for surgery that takes care of ER costs can significantly reduce the financial toll that one suffers when they require emergency surgery. Although it shouldn’t be your only health insurance plan, surgery coverage is an important part of a well-rounded health insurance portfolio.

Maintain Health Insurance Coverage for Surgery to Avoid Catastrophe

It’s very difficult to predict if something like health insurance coverage for surgery will ever be necessary for an individual. It’s possible to go through an entire lifetime without needing to be on the operating table for any reason, major or minor. However, if you do end up needing surgery, having health insurance coverage for surgery will typically save tens of thousands of dollars in costs that would normally have to be paid out of pocket. If it’s in the budget, or if you have a history of medical problems in your family, consider picking this insurance coverage up.

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