Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad

There are few things as exciting as traveling to a foreign land to play the role of tourist and explore. While most countries are safe enough if proper precautions are taken, there are still health risks associated with traveling that need to be addressed. Let’s take a look at health insurance when traveling abroad, how it works, and why you’d need it.

It deserves to be said straight up: no matter where one might be traveling, having travel health insurance is absolutely critical. It’s unlikely that whatever insurance that you have for domestic purposes will extend to outside of the country, but it’s worth checking with your insurance provider on the off chance that it does. If not, your insurance company will either offer you travel insurance or point you in the direction of a good provider that will take care of your needs. Regardless of how you get it, ensure that you have travel health insurance before you set foot on the plane.

How Does Travel Health Insurance Work?

Ideally, one would find travel health insurance that works exactly like the health insurance that they rely on to keep them safe while at home. In practice, this usually isn’t the case. Most travel health insurance providers will have a network or list of health providers in the cities and countries where they offer coverage, and they will only offer reimbursement when those providers are used. Other travel insurance companies will simply reimburse any costs paid for required drugs or medical treatment. It’s important to check with the insurance company to find out if there are any forms that the treatment facility needs to sign, what kind of receipts are required, and any other proof or documentation you’ll have to deliver. As long as you play ball with the insurance companies’ requirements you generally won’t have any issue getting any necessary health treatment costs covered while you’re on the road.

Most good travel insurance packages will offer trip interruption and trip cancellation policies as part of their total insurance offering. Trip interruption covers costs associated with having to stop your trip abruptly and returning home. This can mean fees for changing flights, cancellation fees and other costs that tend to pile up when breaking ticket arrangements and other bookings. Trip cancellation insurance works in the same way, except its primary purpose is to cover the costs that result from canceling a trip before it is started. Typically there will be conditions attached to trip interruption and cancellation insurance; it’s likely that an injury, death in the family, or other serious matter will have to be proven to the insurance company in order to get your costs reimbursed.

While it’s probably one of the least used features of travel health insurance, medevac can end up being the most important if its use is ever needed. If you become seriously injured during your travels, medevac services will transfer or rescue you out of wherever you are and deliver you to the closest high-quality medical care facility that is covered under your travel insurance. This type of policy is extremely handy when traveling to countries that have unstable governments or a high risk of civil unrest. Again, the additional cost may not justify it for most travelers, but if medevac services are needed, it can mean the difference between life and death to have them available.

Final Word Om Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad

It’s important to check the fine print on any travel health insurance policy that you purchase to ensure that every angle is covered. The last thing that a traveler needs is to be stuck in a foreign land with an injury – only to find out that coverage isn’t extended in that area or that there are no providers around that will accept that health insurance policy. Only by reading through all of the boring details can one truly know how their travel insurance works and where things might be lacking.

Travel health insurance can literally save your life – don’t leave the country without it. Getting a decent policy that will cover most of the risks involved with travel won’t cost much and should be considered a necessary expense. Keep yourself covered and with any luck, you won’t need to use your insurance!

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