Best Health Insurance Companies

The US News And World Report came out with a list of the top ten best health insurance companies. Some might say that is a contrasting statement, here in the United States. Despite the insurance industry’s reputation in this fallible economy some businesses still have compassion and credibility.

best halth insurance companies

What are the best health insurance companies?

For 2010, the top ten best health insurance companies were mostly located in New England. Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan led the pack in the states of Massachusetts and Maine, followed by Harvard Health Plan of New England in the state of New Hampshire. Third through tenth place respectively were Tufts Association Maintenance Organization in New England; Grand Valley Health Plan in Michigan; Capital Health Plan in Florida; Geisinger Health Plan in Pennsylvania; Fallon Community Health Plan in Massachusetts; Health New England in Connecticut and Massachusetts; Cigna Health Plan of New Hampshire in New Hampshire; and Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin.

All of the above ranked so high because they were considered top rated when it came to receiving care, the quality of physicians, and how the health insurance company dealt with customer service, prevention, and over all treatment. Too often, one is left with unanswered claim’s questions after holding on the phone for twenty minutes. In researching the best health insurance companies out there, the US News And World Report only ranked those companies that showed consideration towards customers on a regular basis.

Physicians and hospitals for example, rated Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan one of the best health insurance companies because members felt they were treated well and had top-quality care.

Other companies were ranked because they were forthright in their business practices and customers felt everything was explained distinctly to them. They found no hidden fees or agendas.

However, not all people live in the above top ten states where the best health insurance companies are. Therefore, it is advised to shop around for the best quotes, the best coverage, and most professional customer service team. Individual insurance plans are plentiful in the country but exceptional ones take time to research and commit to. If a company covers medical expenses, it’s also a wise idea to research their practices as well. Some patients have no idea that plans change their practices without much advanced warning. Policy changing paperwork mailed to patients is difficult to understand. Unless someone from the health insurance company walks one through it, the new policies are undetectable (until its too late). It’s essential to remain self-educated when health insurance is concerned.

The best health insurance companies recognize that times are complex. They acknowledge that the layman is more confused than ever about his future and how his health will withstand the test of time. We are a country of abundance but so few feel confident with their health plan. Thankfully there are options and a means for acquiring information and the best care offered.

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