Does Obamacare Cover Dental?

On its own, dental insurance can be hard to navigate, but when you add in the Affordable Care Act, aka ‘Obamacare’, it can seem virtually impossible to figure out. Even though it’s been in place for a few years, many people who get their insurance through the Marketplace find that they are pretty overwhelmed when it comes to their dental coverage.

If you are covered by Obamacare and you are wondering how it pertains to dental insurance, keep on reading to find the answers to some the most frequently asked questions.

Can You Get Dental Insurance through Obamacare?

dental coverage obamacareYes, you can secure dental coverage through the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Using the insurance marketplace, which can be accessed via, you can search for and assess the different types of dental plans that are available to you in your state. If you find one that you are interested in, you can also enroll for coverage, if you’d like.

While some of the health insurance plans that are available via Obamacare do offer dental care, not all of them do; if the plan that you are eligible for does not include dental coverage, you can opt to add an individual dental plan. There is a caveat, however; in order to obtain an individual dental plan, you have to be enrolled in one of the health plans through the insurance Marketplace.

Obamacare Explained

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) became a law in 2010 under President Obama (hence the informal name, ‘Obamacare.) The purpose of the ACA was to make health insurance available to more Americans and reduce the cost of coverage, thereby improving the overall health of American citizens.

Of course, there has been a lot of debate surrounding Obamacare, but despite the fact that legislators have attempted to repeal and replace the ACA, it’s still effective; but, there have been some changes. For example, the enrollment period is smaller now than it was initially, and minimal efforts are being made to support and encourage people to sign up for health insurance under the program.

Securing Dental Insurance through Obamacare

As mentioned, under Obamacare, the only type of dental care that is considered an essential health benefit is pediatric dentistry. Furthermore, some Marketplace insurance plans do offer dental insurance for adults, or you can purchase a standalone policy; however, in order to do so, you must be enrolled in Obamacare. Additionally, if you opt to purchase a stand-alone dental insurance policy, it’s important to keep in mind that you will receive a separate charge for your coverage.

With that said, if you are interested in signing up for dental coverage under the ACA, you can visit, where you can check the different dental insurance options that are available to you and compare the cost of coverage.

Is Signing Up for Dental Coverage Under Obamacare a Smart Idea

Depending on your situation, it certainly can be. If, for example, dental coverage isn’t an option through your employer and if purchasing a dental plan on your own is just too costly, Obamacare is definitely an option worth considering; after all, you don’t want to be left without dental coverage, as your dental health is just as important as your overall health.

As previously mentioned, finding out about the different options that are available and comparison shopping is simple: just visit or your state’s Health Insurance Exchange (also known as the ‘Marketplace’.)

Things to Note

If you decide you do decide that you want to secure dental insurance through the Affordable Care Act, there are some important things to note.

  • Be mindful of out-of-pocket costs. When you’re browsing, you’ll see that below the amount you are quoted, it says “applies to child essential health benefits only”. In other words, that price is only applicable to those who are 19 years of age or younger; if you are older than 19, you will need to select the “plan brochure” in order to find out what the cost will be to you. You will likely notice that a lot of the dental plants that are offered under the Affordable Care Act do not feature a maximum out-of-pocket expense, so things can become pretty expensive.
  • Thoroughly investigate your options before you enroll in a dental plan. Having a firm understanding of the plan you are considering – including what it covers and what it doesn’t – is crucial. Many people are surprised to learn that Obamacare plans do not include major dental services that adults require, such as wisdom teeth removal, tooth replacements, including bridges, dentures, and crowns. If that’s the case, you might be better off purchasing a plan outside of the Marketplace, as it will likely cover more dental services; while the cost might seem higher, in the long run, it could actually save you money.

Summing It Up

If you’re in need of dental insurance, Obamacare could be a solution; however, there are other options available. To find out about your dental coverage, speak to a reputable insurance agent.

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