Health Insurance for Children

The federal and state governments have made health insurance for children one of their main priorities during the Obama administration. For example, as of this past September, insurance companies cannot deny a child coverage even if he or she has a pre-existing medical condition. Additionally, those children of plan holders are allowed to remain covered through the age of twenty-six. (Some states are as high as twenty-nine years.)health insurance for children

Health insurance for children could not be a concern at a better time. The economy is in such a slump and parents are losing their jobs and their homes. Health coverage is one of the only beacons of light left for those who feel deflated. There is great relief in knowing one’s child is taken care of by the insurance industry.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP is a federal program administered by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It’s a program designed to provide funding to states with for children with no health insurance. Under matching funds, health insurance go in to effect for families who make too much for Medicaid coverage but too little to buy expensive plans.

Chip was developing in 1997 under the Clinton administration and commandeered by first lady, Hilary Clinton. What it essentially set out to do was allow individual states to design their own programs and guidelines through the CHIP program. Every family would apply through their home state. Unfortunately, as time wore on, many individual states faced their own fiscal crisis and funding shortcomings and CHIP was not considered the beacon it once was.

Health insurance for children was not considered an act of neglect by presidents after Clinton’s reign in the White House it absolutely was. The percentage of uninsured children over the poverty line rose as the government considered CHIP as a means of federalizing health care. Under the GW Bush administration, there more uninsured children than in the years prior.

Thankfully, with new health care reforms being signed in to place, children and CHIP are priorities in the new administration. No longer is federalization considered a stigma for so many because once the 2009 Children’s Health Care Reauthorization Act of 2009 was signed, wellness and health insurance for children became precedence.

In fact, when entering a zip code in the above box, forthcoming information will be provided and one will be able to see how health insurance quotes and reform have been effective locally.

There are still kinks to work out in the health insurance debate. CHIP is not a perfect program but it is still favorable for many millions of children and their families who struggle to make ends meet. The last concern any American child should have is whether or not he or she will be protected in his or her wellness. Health insurance for children has never been so positively received by the government and the public is appreciative for this change of outlook. With proper health coverage, our children will grow in to the proper leaders we wish for them to become.

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