Short Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance is a great decision for those who have been laid off in this economy and have a new job lined up and waiting for them. Because it takes time for most employer health plans to take full effect, the period in between one’s old coverage and up and coming new coverage will need insurance (or in most cases, assurance).short term health insurance

In general, short-term insurance is a band-aid for up to six months but more often than not, in this economy, coverage is offered for up to one year. It’s a quick fix but an invaluable one that offers protection against unforeseen illness and accidents and peace of mind.

One useful way to determine which short-term health insurance plan is best appropriate, is to enter zip code information in the above for quotes and information.

Folks who do not have another employment opportunity might want to consider a longer termed health insurance plan because unemployment is shows no signs of slowing down. (Unfortunately.)

Applying for short-term health insurance is less extensive than applying for a longer-term insurance plan in that preventive care, dental and vision plans are not covered under the umbrella of short-term protection. It is, however, relief against any unforeseen illness or accident. Less comprehensive but still, it provides some peace of mind.

Also something to consider when researching short-term health insurance is that those with pre-existing conditions may not be fully covered. It’s a strange loophole and the language is written unclearly on so many policies so it is worth calling a specific plan and speaking with a representative. Asking questions is the best way to determine what plan works best.

A pre-existing condition is one that has been diagnosed and/or treated in the previous three to five years. For example, someone who has diabetes or a history of asthma attacks will be considered candidates with pre-existing conditions. An individual plan called an HIPAA is probably a better option for those with a pre-existing condition and in need of health insurance between work. (HIPPA stands for “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.”) Because the HIPAA plans are more costly than a short-term health insurance plans, it might be worth going over options with a health insurance specialist. There are many rights under state and federal law in regards to the HIPAA plans offered. Any advisor specialist will recognize the rights and explain what they are to any insurance customer.

Short-term health insurance is a terrific option otherwise, especially for those not wishing to extend a previous employer’s COBRA plan. COBRA could be very expensive although it is a comforting thought in knowing the option is available if necessary. Regardless of how long one is in need of insurance, health is more important than any monetary payment or dream job. It’s priceless and therefore research for the best short-term insurance coverage is mandatory. Heavens forbid something occurs in the short span of a few months. It’s best to be protected and assured that health is covered and so are expenses.

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