Cheapest ways to get health insurance

In this frail economy, joblessness and foreclosures are rising and that means, more people are uninsured and without health insurance. They simply cannot afford it even with some sort of unemployment. Individuals who purchase their own insurance will spend upwards of $1500 for a family plan. The country is in desperate need in finding the cheapest way to get health insurance.

There are some inexpensive solutions in finding health insurance individually or for a family. As the uninsured statistics rise, remedies are being brought forth. Relief is available but takes some strategizing.

If one is working or was let go from a job and had been injured at some point while on the employer’s clock, Worker’s Compensation is required. It is mandatory and your employer is required by law to offer treatment under their program.

Most people don’t believe they are eligible for coverage under Medicaid especially if they are working. People presume they are not covered while employed. This is not true. Medicaid will pay health coverage for families and individuals in the low income tax bracket. It is free to inquire with Medicaid to see whether or not one is eligible, especially in these economic times. More and more states are adding addendums to their laws requiring coverage for low-income families. It is worth checking out to see how Medicaid plays in to new health insurance laws and state mandates.

Another one of the cheapest ways to get insurance is to apply for short-term coverage. This is primarily for an individual who is between jobs but starting his or new job soon. This is an excellent plan for any person who is concerned about insurance gaps between work gaps.

Some organizations offer group coverage for their members. It’s not as economical as say, a plan through one’s work but it could still pleasantly surprise a member to know he or she is covered under their organization’s plan. For example, an alumni association or women’s club might have this option offered. It’s worth an inquiry.

A final plausible way to receive one of the cheapest ways to get health insurance is to buy into discount cards. For a monthly fee, one could purchase discount cards for health services. It’s absolutely not an insurance plan but it is a discount program for those who might want to save money with set appointments and expected doctor’s bills. One caveat, any person who might undergo heavy expenses for a health calamity will not find discount cards a money saving choice. Bills will still be high and it’s unwise to presume the discount cards will cover any portion of expenses. This option is best used for those who want some money saved in combination with an actual insurance plan. This is not an insurance replacement program by any means.

Saving money with health expenses is an oxymoron but it is entirely possible if given the drive for researching options. No individual or family should be allowed without an opportunity to obtain some of the cheapest ways to get health insurance. Submitting a zip code in the above box is a great start to finding out how to save money through insurance options.

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