What’s the Worst Thing That Can Happen If I Get Sick and Don’t Have Health Insurance?

Most people who don’t currently have a health insurance policy think they will never need one. They think that since they are healthy and have a job, they will be safe. But, this mistaken belief is one of the main causes for bankruptcy in the United States. Have you ever wondered how this happens? Here is a short hypothetical story…

Meet Sally. Sally is a dental hygienist and a single mother. She has two children. She makes a respectable income and always has enough to survive on. She doesn’t have health insurance because she has never had health issues in the past and doesn’t participate in any high risk activities…or so she thinks.

One day, while driving to work, she takes her eyes off the road for a minute. Suddenly, she finds herself heading for a ditch. She takes evasive action, but she can’t avoid a tree that was on the side of the road. Sadly, she crashes. Her car is destroyed, but that is the least of her worries right now…

When she gets to the hospital, she learns she has broken her arm, has a concussion, and has displaced a vertebra in her back – relatively common injuries in car accidents. She asks – “When will I be able to go back to work?” Not for a few months, the doctor replies. She is then taken to surgery to get everything fixed up.

She spends a few days in the hospital and then goes home to start resting. Soon, the medical bills start arriving. Ambulance ride, hospital bed rental, surgery, it just keeps on adding up. How is Sally going to pay for this? Remember, she is not working because of her injuries, and disability payments don’t even come close to covering these costs.

Then, the end of the month comes around. The mortgage payment is due, the kids need new clothes, and Sally is almost out of food. There is no money coming in! If she would have just signed up for a health insurance policy online, none of this would have happened.

Within a few months, all of Sally’s credit cards are maxed out, she can’t get any more loans, and she still has huge medical bills to pay off. The only solution – bankruptcy. Sally’s life has changed forever.

The case described above may seem quote extreme, but things like this happen a lot more often than you think. Most people don’t really plan ahead for emergencies, and if something does happen, they have no real way to handle it. They usually experience financial ruin and their life is changed forever. Don’t let this happen to you! You can start your search for health insurance online by inputting your zip code into the form above. After you press submit, you will have a quality life insurance quote in no time! You can then sign up for your policy right on the Internet! It sounds easy, and it really is!

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