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What cities spend the most on health care and which ones spend the least?

For many people, a lot of thought goes into choosing a city to live in. After all, it is important to consider climate, the population density, safety, economic outlook, and other things when thinking about where to move to. Luckily,

Health Insurance Regulations by State

If you have ever had to deal with health insurance for your family or your business, you know that it can be an extremely complicated endeavor which generally isn’t a whole lot of fun. What most people don’t realize is

What Type of Health Insurance Covers Surgery?

Few things can send a jolt through your system faster than hearing that you’re going to need surgery. The thought of lying unconscious on an operating room table while surgeons and doctors perform their magic is unsettling to most, but

Universal Health Insurance

If you’ve ever been in a debate or argument about health care, it’s likely that the topic of universal health insurance has come up at some point. Health insurance is one of the most stressful things that the average American

Is Self-Funded Health Insurance Right For You?

Whether you’re a human resources professional, a union leader or a father, you’ve likely had to deal with health insurance at some point. In recent years, one of the most popular options for companies and organizations alike has been self

Long Term Care Insurance

Whether you’re just starting to think about retirement or you’re already experiencing your golden years, if there’s one form of insurance that should be considered crucial, it is long term care insurance. While most individuals have some form of health

Health Insurance for Expats

It can be challenging enough to find decent, affordable health insurance here at home, with so many insurance companies and options on the market – but what happens when you decide to leave the United States and live in a

Does Smoking Affect your Health Insurance Rates?

Finding a good health insurance company that offers affordable premiums is a challenge that every American has to overcome. Without health insurance, even a small broken bone or illness can generate medical bills in the thousands of dollars. There is

HMO Health Plans

Anyone who has looked around at the various health insurance options on the market has likely heard about HMOs. Health Maintenance Organizations provide users with health insurance that differs in many ways from traditional offerings, yet can offer significant savings

Health Insurance Coverage Types

Health insurance is always a hot topic for individuals, businesses and politicians alike. Without proper health insurance, getting medical treatments and drugs to treat your health care issues can be expensive and difficult; choosing the right health insurance provider can