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Is a Drug Test Required before Getting Health Insurance?

There are numerous ways in which substance use can negatively impact your life. Some of the biggest repercussions of drug use include the negative effects it can have on your health, well-being, relationships, finances, and employment. However, there’s another way

How do Deductibles Work if I Have Two Health Insurance Plans?

When it comes to health insurance, policy holders have two primary concerns: The type of benefits their policy provides How much their deductibles will cost Of course, you want the best coverage you can get, but you also want to

Can You Drop Your Employer-Sponsored Health Plan?

Most people are thrilled at the prospect of acquiring employment that offers health benefits. It means that you have insurance coverage, and in the United States, health insurance is an absolute necessity. But not everyone is happy with the health

Will Health Insurance Pay for Medical Marijuana?

The benefits of marijuana have been debated for decades. In recent years, it has been determined that marijuana is a valuable treatment for a wide range of health conditions and that it can offer several benefits for patients. It is

Is Health Insurance Required for International Students?

For international students who have chosen to study in the United States, having all of the necessary documentation in place prior to arriving in the country is essential. This includes securing a visa, which, for most students is the F1

Maternity Coverage Explained

What is maternity coverage? Maternity benefits, or maternity coverage, is a health insurance coverage type. It’s not a stand-alone health insurance plan. You may think of it as an add-on to an existing policy. What maternity benefits does is help

Health Insurance for Those with Allergies

A lot of people suffer from at least one type of allergy and they may find it challenging to find a health insurance that will cover their medical condition with appropriate premiums. They may have to worry about high premiums

Covering All Family Members Under the Same Health Insurance Policy

Purchasing and managing health insurance for a family can be a confusing task that leaves one with a headache at the end of the day. Health insurance has a lot of variables and fine print that must be managed; each

Does Health Insurance Cover Alternative Or Eastern Medicine?

In recent years the popularity of non-traditional health care, such as alternative medicine and Eastern medicine, as seen a significant amount of growth. However, many individuals with health insurance are left unsure as to whether or not these therapies are

Does Health Insurance Cover Your Health Club Gym Costs?

It often seems like a tough challenge to get your expenses covered by your health insurer, but in reality it’s not too difficult. It’s in your health care provider’s best interests to help you lead a healthy life. Many health